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California Auto Finance (CA)

Need to finance a car in California? Even if you have great credit, it can be tough to find the right lender. California auto finance rates are low, but the tough economy has made it considerably more difficult to open a new any new lines of credit, auto loans included. If you were to go from one bank, credit union, or dealership to another, submitting paper-based applications and waiting for a response, the process could days, weeks, even months. Luckily, we streamline the auto financing process by matching you and your application with a lender or dealer who matches your criteria in terms of:

  • Location
  • Down Payment
  • Salary or Wages
  • Credit History and Score

Of the lenders we represent, most have a target demographic. Some accommodate people with subprime credit, while others only cater to those with stellar credit scores. Some work with people who have low income, others high income. Some require minimum down payments, other don’t. This is true of auto financing in California and across the nation. Without knowing which lenders are best for your unique circumstances and needs, you are effectively flying blind. That’s why we developed our California auto finance application – to take the guesswork out of this process.

When you submit your application, you will not be bombarded with telephone calls or emails from multiple lenders. We place your application exclusively with a single lender. That means the process is painless and hassle-free. Just remember to submit accurate data in terms of income and contact information – this will expedite the process and increase your chances of getting approved for the car in California you need.

In House Financing Car Lots: California (CA)

Are you looking for a California dealership that finances bad credit? In house financing dealerships do just that. Because they approve credit on-site, they are not forced to turn away consumers whose credit doesn’t meet the minimum guidelines of off-site, 3rd party lenders. This enables them to sell vehicles to a wider variety of shoppers. And for the buyer with bad credit, it takes the hassle out of CA auto credit.

When you complete your CA auto finance application, we may match you with such a dealership – it depends on what your credit and the current market dictate.